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About Efamol

Oncodarou is the sole importer of Efamol products in Iran

For over 25 years, Efamol has led the international field in the scientific research and development of essential fatty acid (EFAs) health supplements.

Efamol specialises in essential fatty acid (EFAs) based products, the so called "good fats" that are essential for the healthy functioning of every cell in the human body. These "good fats" are from the Omega-3 and Omega-6 families of nutrients and are sourced from high quality fish oils and evening primrose oil. Since it's inception Efamol has developed a specialised range of fatty acid based products that span a number of health sectors such as heart, brain, eye and hormonal health. Even our name demonstrates our commitment - 'Efamol' comes from the term Essential Fatty Acid MOLecule.


About Oystershell


Oystershell Laboratories is a pharmaceutical company specialized in the innovation of consumer healthcare products (OTC). Our mission is to bring to the world new health products that combine scientific progress with greater consumer satisfaction.


At Oystershell Laboratories, we believe that this "best of two worlds" concept can only be realized with the help and enthusiasm of our consumers, clients, partners and staff. Our team is proud of the product innovations that it has developed so far (see brands/technology) but, at the same time, we know that our greatest-ever product still lies ahead of us.


Oystershell Laboratories develops non-prescription pharmaceuticals, medical devices, insect protection, cosmeceutical and nutritional products to keep you and your family healthy.


Oystershell Laboratories: creating value through science and consumer insights.




Elimax Lotion

Elimax® Lotion consists of 100% oligodecene oil and LPF® but contains no foaming agents, so after treatment you need to wash your hair with...
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Elimax Shampoo

Elimax®Shampoo You can use the shampoo as a preventive treatment to protect the hair against lice, for instance if there are signs...
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EZ Detect

The EZ DETECT™  Stool Blood Test is the most advanced home test available to detect hidden blood in...
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Oralan medical pen is the newest generation treatment for mouth lesions and mouth ulcers. Oralan is a unique pen like device...
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Tixozin- Zinc Oxide Spray

 Leaves skin rash and irritation no chanceTixozin products are indicated for prevention and treatment of superficial skin disorders such as irritations, rash, dermatitis...
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Efalex Omega-3 + 6

A unique DHA-rich combination of fish oil and evening primrose oil providing the important nutrients DHA, AA and GLA, which...
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Efalex Active 50+

Efalex Active 50+ combines omega-3 fish oil with key nutrients known for their beneficial role in maintaining healthy brain structure,...
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A combination of Efamol Pure Evening Primrose Oil, Marine Fish Oil and Vitamin E makes this popular formula for maintaining...
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